What is it?

Noun: Feminism

The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Here is a video to give more of an idea on the movement: Emma Watson UN Speech

I wanted to write a blog post on feminism anyway but when I noticed the hashtag #menimism on Twitter, I was inspired to write the post now.  When I first noticed the hashtag #menimism I thought: oh fair enough, it’s probably men who are for equal rights but want to show they’re unhappy with the name of the movement being ‘feminism’. I was so wrong.  

Here are some inspiring direct quotes:

  • ‘KNOW YOUR WORTH MEN!!! WE ARE NOT STEAKS!!! THIS IS OUR YEAR’ this was re-tweeted by someone else who politely added ‘Women are trash’
  • ‘Girls suck #boypower #wecansuckourowndicks’
  • *heavy sarcasm* ‘P.S. feminism is not about equal rights for men and women. It’s about women being better than men. Ahhh the tables have turned.’

What I don’t understand about these tweets is that they’re literally enforcing the reasons we NEED feminism, like how women will be seen as less than men, or how women are objectified.

Some of the tweets I haven’t quoted however do show insight to how men need feminism as well as women, but they tend to be in an angry tone because the speaker feels that men’s rights are ignored within feminism.  This brings me to my next points.

Problems feminism is commonly believed to have:

  • The name

Some people, predominantly men- understandably, are frustrated with the name of the movement being ‘Feminism’. This is because it suggests that the whole thing is more for the rights of women than for men which creates a feeling of unjust.

This isn’t good because this means that even though feminism is for the equal rights of men and women, I repeat for both men and women (for everyone (equality)), men can be put off as soon as they hear the word and refuse to follow or listen to the ideas the movement puts forward.

The reason it is named with connotations of the female sex is because throughout history, women have had less rights than men and even now in 2017 when it is more equal, women still do tend to have fewer rights than men. This is not to say that men have all the rights they need and more and that there aren’t rights needed to be gained for them too, it is to say that for equal rights there’s probably a bit more work to do with women than men due to the long history there’s been with lack of women’s rights.

  • Men feel accused by the movement

‘Throughout history, women have had less rights than men and even now in 2017 when it is more equal, women still do tend to have less rights than men.’

If this statement was made to some men, most of them would probably feel they were being accused of creating the inequality. Years and years ago maybe men were creating the inequality but that isn’t- and shouldn’t be- the case anymore. The fact that generally women have had less rights throughout time and throughout the world, is a fact that needs to be known if we want the equality of genders to commence. Just like the fact that men aren’t the only ones creating inequality between genders needs to be understood.

  • Some feminists can be a bit IN UR FACE

Because some feminists are known to prosecute men and remove the notion that feminism is for men too in a, let’s say, extremely passionate fashion, some people associate feminism with only this concept and refuse to take a further look. This is extremely frustrating for the feminists who aren’t taking things too far and are protesting not only for women but for men too.

It’s upsetting that men are being put off by women who are fighting for women’s rights due to them fighting for only themselves and not men too. And it is upsetting that men won’t take a further look into feminism because they would rather ignore women’s rights and equality due to the small amount of in-your-face type feminists and instead fight fire with fire with some of the things tweeted under ‘#menimism’.

It is upsetting because surely we should all care enough about ourselves, each other and the world to create a space of equality and freedom regardless of our gender (or race, or sexuality or whatever).

Why do we need feminism?

  • A high percentage of domestic abuse within relationships from woman to man, and man to women goes unreported.
  • There is still a difference in pay between men and women around the world, women getting less for the same hours and work.
  • There is still a pressure for men to be a ‘real man’ and be the rock to the women in their life rather than to be allowed to cry and show their emotions.
  • FGM is still a huge issue in 29 countries to females as young as five months old.
  • Women get taught how to prevent rape instead of people being taught that women should be able to be where they want, when they want, wearing what they want, and acting in the way they want without the threat of being raped or being told she ‘asked for it’.
  • There is a belief that ‘men can’t get raped’ when 1 in 71 men are raped. Also, only 20% of raped heterosexual men will report it.
  • Women are objectified just because they have the female anatomy.
  • Prisons need to be made safer for men, 200,000+ male prisoners have been sexually assaulted.
  • Women being the ones who feel ashamed when THEY are sexually assaulted, molested or harassed.
  • Females attempt suicide more than men, and men are four times more likely to die from suicide than women.

These are only some of the reasons why we need a change NOW, and why feminism is important. There are simpler things too, which create the very foundations of inequality between the sexes, such as girls not being able to like rugby and boys not being able to like the colour pink without being ridiculed just because it doesn’t follow a stereotype. It’s 2017, why are there still stereotypes?

Feminists are fighting for a world with less injustice for all humans, a world where we can all express ourselves freely. Even if you feel like you have sufficient equality, there are so many people across the world who don’t have that feeling but can’t change that on their own. There are still women in 2017 who feel like they don’t have a voice, and there are men who feel like their voice has to follow a certain genre.



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