An Extra Bit of Happiness

Because I’ve been busy prepping for A levels, lol pls stab me, I haven’t been interacting with as much with my friends as I usually do, (I think along with everyone else doing their A Levels), and I’ve therefore become more isolated throughout the year. I have decided that in this time, I haven’t been doing enough for my friends or the people around me as I’ve been too focused on the things I personally have needed to do. And so, the other day, I wrote a list of things that I want to start doing every day to make someone smile or to make someone’s day happier.

Here it is:

  • Send someone a message to make them smile
  • Compliment someone
  • Smile at someone you don’t know
  • Hug a friend who seems down
  • Put a nice message on a sticky note and stick it somewhere for someone to find
  • Do something helpful around the house
  • Give money/food/tea to someone homeless
  • Make someone a cup of tea (or drink of choice if they don’t like tea, weirdos)

Okay so I know it’s a pretty small list, and all of those take only minutes or even seconds to do but I figure that even doing a couple of those every day could make someone have an unexpected extra happy moment, which is somewhat great.  Also, doing any little thing like that can make you feel good about yourself too: win-win!

If you look up: ‘nice gestures to brighten someone’s day’, sometimes you get little suggestions like the ones I listed above which are quite cute, but sometimes there are some such specific ones:


To be fair the website didn’t actually say ‘go and get someone in a princess dress’s signature, they’ll love it’ it just said gestures like that are nice, but still gestures like that could be a bit strange in the wrong context…  and I think it would probably freak parents out if I- or anyone- randomly asked for their child’s autograph.

Some guy opened a door for me and one of my best friends almost two years ago, and we still cry about it to this day because it was so cute. So, that either proves my point that things like that can make people happy and that they should occur more often, or it shows we’re just really sad lol. Maybe a bit of both.

I have a very distinct memory from a couple of Christmases ago where I was shopping for presents with my sister, and there was a homeless man sat by the side of the high street tucked into his sleeping bag evidently cold. He was holding a sign, I can’t remember exactly what it said but it was something to do with how it was Christmas, with a plea for spare money. Naturally, as most people do we walked past, but me and my sister had both noticed him and we were both so upset by the fact he was alone, at Christmas time, on the side of the street cold whilst we were shopping for presents. I bought him a sandwich, and we took it to him and he was so thankful even though he didn’t say much, and even though a sandwich really isn’t much. As I was walking away I turned back and I saw that his eyes were filled with tears and that he was watching us walk away. I don’t know if that’s because he was thankful for some kindness or because he was feeling sad to be alone at that time of year or just a bit overwhelmed, or what- but I’m glad we didn’t just walk past and ignore him. Even though it wasn’t much, it wasn’t nothing.

I guess the whole point of this blog post is to suggest that we could all be a little more aware of the people around us who maybe could do with a smile, or a bit of encouragement. Even if it’s to give the people who are already doing just fine an extra bit of happiness- a few moments of your day to spread the love and maybe get some back.

You never know, maybe people will think about you in the future for that tiny gesture, like holding a door for them.


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