I post a lot of photos on Instagram, and people who know me know that I love it. Being the nostalgic person that I am, having a collection of photos that I love and that bring back happy memories at my fingertips is pretty cool. Scrolling down my profile for 5 minutes brings that all to me, and it makes me feel so blessed with the experiences that I’ve had and with the friends I have.

a snapshot of my instagram profile- @beccataylxr

By the end of 2017, a lot will have changed for me and my friends. We will all be in different places across the country by the end of September doing completely different things. We will no longer be living in the same sort of area, knowing who everyone is and being in the same bubble. Some people will be starting their degrees whilst others will be at home working or doing apprenticeships, and some may even be travelling the world. We will be meeting new people, and making our own memories without each other. These new memories are going to be important, and when we are all at home again we will make even more with each other. I feel like I’ll need more than a dusty box of things I’ve collected, unfinished diaries and an Instagram account to store them.

Looking back on old diaries- I realise how awful I am at writing them, and I don’t just mean my scruffy hand writing. I mean that there is an astounding amount of them that are started but utterly unfinished with pages and pages left. You see, I always think that when I start a fresh one in a pretty notebook that it’s going to be successful. That a new notebook will bring me a new attitude to my diary, and it does! For about two days… then it becomes a chore. Regardless, I still love reading my old entries back and I always wish I’d written more. Diaries I have from year eight, for example, are hilarious to read back. And the ones from later on are (almost) filled with memories that I will cherish forever. I can see younger me from an outsider’s view and see how I’ve grown as a person. Some of the events in them don’t mean anything to me now, some of the things that I wrote about I don’t even remember. But it’s my history and that’s what has made me who I am now. However, even though I know these diaries mean so much, I still can’t seem to manage writing in them consistently to the end of the book.

So with that in mind, I want to try something new to store my memories, with more words than Instagram and with more success than my diaries (lol, not hard). I’ve tried blogging before when I was younger but I didn’t really know what I was doing at the time, and I definitely didn’t have interesting things to write about when I was twelve, I just thought it would be fun. But now I want to try again- this time with the hopes of not only writing out my memories and opinions somewhere, but to store them and have them to look back on. As well as all that emotional stuff, I think it’ll be fun too.


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  1. Ayo wus poppin b, this shit sounds halal, would love to hear extra piffting, live long n blaze up homeboy


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